Weekly Ayurveda Tips from Deacon


We thought it would be a good idea to remind our readers about some dosha party etiquette, because we know how easy it is for you, dear Kapha, to become somewhat overwhelmed by all those locations, libations, and lights!

You will undoubtedly be invited to several parties this season, and out of all invitations you’ve received, you may decide to attend only one! Although this time of year is supposed to be celebratory, it can be quite an emotional time for you. We absolutely understand this, but we suggest that you move a tiny bit out of your comfort zone this holiday season. You may feel that you want to hibernate and be a recluse all winter, but laughter and merriment is just what you need to open your heart this season.

To help you break out of your shell, here are a few suggestions to allow you to enjoy yourself and the holidays.

  1. If you’ve been invited to a party, go to it! If you feel too shy to go solo, go with a friend. Bring one of those really delicious dishes you are justly famous for, and have a great time!
  2. Keep away from the wall. Once you’ve arrived at the party, don’t settle into the darkest corner of the room, sit in the middle where it’s going on. Engage in the conversation and be your simplest self.
  3. When it comes to booze, Kaphas generally can drink more than other people without getting too tipsy. This is generally because your metabolism is slightly slower, so you may be ok that night, but a hangover can lurk in the morning. Limit your alcohol consumption to two drinks max. And avoid the holiday “special” drinks, as they tend to have more sugar in them than a MacDonald’s milkshake!
  4. Thank your hosts before leaving. Generally, you do, but when you get to the point in the party when you feel that it’s time to go home, try not to slip out into the night. Say goodnight to the people you’ve met, especially your hosts! They may try to convince you to stay. If so, stay – even if it’s just for another hour. Honestly, it will do your doshas good!



We thought it would be a good idea to remind our readers about a little dosha party etiquette, because we know how easy it is for you, dear Pitta, to become competitive with all those libations, locations, and lights!

You many have already been invited to several parties, and of all the invitations you’ve received, decided that your holiday party is going to be the best (it pretty much always is). And you will move heaven and earth to make sure it’s THE event of the season. If Vata is the life of the party, Pitta is the soul. You want everything to be both exceptional and flawless, but do you really have to outdo everybody, all the time?

We’d love to be invited to your holiday bash, who wouldn’t? But maybe this year, we can help you take the rage out of your “rager.”

  1. First, when you’re attending holiday parties, avoid the urge to compare theirs with yours. Naturally, yours is going to be a smash, but don’t rub it in. Be present and considerate of other people’s feelings, and have fun.
  2. Think quality rather than quantity when it comes to your guest list. You’re capable of great discernment with people, along with everything else, but now you’re about to let a huge bunch into your home! Fight the urge to invite 20% more guests to your party than the biggest party of the year.
  3. Go easy on the liquor. More injuries befall more Pittas when they are tipsy (and Pittas like getting tipsy, sometimes even more than just tipsy). Your yoga skills are surely impressive, but may we suggest not doing a headstand after 3 gin & tonics!
  4. Eat! If you are going to drink, make sure to eat before and during the party. Choose foods that are neither spicy nor overly acidic, and eat something more substantial than a salad! At the end of the evening, drink a glass of room temperature water, or perhaps some coconut water (not iced).