Hi Ladies (and Gents who love their ladies too)!

You all have heard from me in a few little snippets. I am “the veggie pusher”….. Dunt, dunt, dunt…. I am also a food activist, a home gardener, and one who devotes much time to understanding the implications of genetically engineered “foods” -and this role keeps my highly scientifically trained mind happily analyzing and pondering.

At the moment I feel compelled to write to you all in regards to the spring cleanse and your breasts (or those of the women you love). Plus, I’ll sign off giving you also some useful tips in regard to veggie pushing with minimal or no resentment.

So, about those breasts: We all innately understand that the breast is an organ that exists to produce milk, and along those lines we totally accept that these beautiful organs also function to store fats used in milk production.

Okay? So now you’re wondering what all of this has to do with the spring cleanse. Well, what is coming up over and over again is that females are more affected by GMOs and by toxins in general, and that the breasts are very commonly affected. I bet that clicked some- we all know someone who is coping with or who has fought breast cancer.

Here’s the deal: Women naturally have a higher percentage of body fat- and fat soluble toxins remain associated with the fats… And are stored in fat storing areas of the body.

I am hoping that you are making some big connections here! If you are a woman and are consuming fats that are laden with toxins, those toxins are moving to your breasts, where they are stored until released in breast milk- yes, truly horrible I know!, or they are released in the process of cleansing.

Please, please, PLEASE take this to heart. It makes me REALLY sad when I see a loving father buying conventional ice cream for his teenage daughters.

Okay, so now that you’ve committed to buying only organic dairy for the women in your house, and have already stormed into the kitchen to chuck the vegetable oil in the pantry, here are a few of my really big secrets on veggie pushing.

Oh yeah, veggie pushing without complaints!! This is the way to progress!

  1. Make it look smaller! This makes SOOO much difference. I like to use my mini processor to blend one bunch of lightly steamed kale, spinach, chard, or collards with some freshly made pesto. Do the pesto first, then add the cooked greens- serves two.
  2. Make all of the plates in the kitchen- if the veggies stay in the family serving bowl no one person has to claim them. If they’re on your plate, you’re more likely to finish them.
  3. Make more veggies than you planned and and a smaller amount of each of the other dishes.
Wishing you all health and happiness,
Sharon Sinton