I realize that I’ve not updated my blog as much as I hoped to. The last 5 days in Madurai were busy with more purgation therapies and several day trips to some temples and, of course, some shopping!

I do have more stories, experiences and photographs to share, but I wanted to write this entry about the journey home, and an experience Rebecca and I had on the last 11-hour leg back to San Francisco.

The last day at AVN Aroyga, Some of us were able to have our Jyotish charts created and read. Jyotish is the Vedic version of astrology and takes the time, place, date and year of your birth into consideration, which helps to better define your future.

The Jyotishee told me that I was only going to be successful if I stay on my path with Ayurveda. He also told me that I was going to live until the age of 92. I’m not sure how I feel about that…

Rebecca and I were the first to leave. We got a taxi to the airport at 4:30PM. Rather auspiciously, our Jyotishee hitched a ride with us, and when we got out of the cab, he blessed our trip!

We flew from Madurai to Chennai to Bangalore without a hitch. But when we got to Bangalore, Lufthansa imposed an 8KG limit on carry-on bags. This wasn’t the case when we flew from Frankfurt, so I had to give up my bag and hope that it made it safe and sound to California.

Rebecca and I had a 4-hour layover before the flight, and decided to find a place to eat dinner. Shortly after, a fellow traveler called Krishna asked us to be his guests in the club lounge, which certainly made the waiting more comfortable.

After 9 hours, we landed in Frankfurt with a 2-hour layover before boarding our final flight home on United. Both flights were jammed packed, and we were in row 59 out of 60 rows on a 747. The good news is that there are 2 seats rather than a row of three, and there was a little more legroom available.

Shortly after take off, food was served.  As Rebecca and I are veteran Continental airline flyers, we knew to order a Vegetarian meal when we booked the flight, but by the time the stewardess got to us, all that was left was beef.

I asked the stewardess if there were any other options on the plane for us other than the beef – perhaps we could purchase a snack box. It was an 11-hour flight, after all, and we were starting to get hungry.

At this point, our stewardess was over the conversation. Took out meals and walked away.

Rebecca started to steam, but I was determined to be diplomatic and get something to eat. My father always reminded me that one attracts more flies with honey rather than vinegar. Besides, How could I lose my temper after the past few weeks I’d had?

Then there was Vira. Lovely Vira! Vira asked us if we’d like anything to drink. We asked for some water, then I told her that we were out of luck on the food, and if she had any ideas.

“Give me 30 minutes. I have to finish my duty, but let me see what I can do for you”.

30 minutes later, Vira had returned to our row with two vegetarian meals from first class! Rebecca and I were speechless. Vira had commanded two meals for us, and although her colleague gave her an earful, wasn’t having it.

“Here you go. And if there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know”.


We ate our meals and discussed how we could thank Vira for service above and beyond. We decided that we would give her some pure sandalwood oil to keep her Pitta in check, some spices to make chai and a hand-painted Ganesha, as she herself moved some obstacles for us!

When we presented her with the thank you gifts, Vira was also speechless. She is a veteran stewardess of 23 years, and I can only imagine what she has to put up with on her route to Europe and back. It was one of those moments where the concept of Namaste was personified.

Rebecca and I chatted with Vira for about 40 minutes. She told us that she was interested in getting into Yoga and making some positive changes to her diet. For those of you who don’t know, my friend Rebecca works for the Fruit Guys here in San Francisco. They provide farm fresh organic fruits and vegetables to businesses and schools.

I don’t believe in coincidences, but I do believe in things happening for a reason. Our trip home was blessed because of Vira, and she is working on better health, so the universe put us all together.

I’ve taken Vira on as a client, and we are going to be sending her a case of VedaBars each month to keep her balanced at 38,000 feet. Rebecca is sending her a box of Fruit and Vegetables, and together, we are going to help Vira and her family reach their health goals.

I’ll keep you posted on Vira’s progress, as she’s just starting to get into a yoga practice. We are excited for her, and wish her all the best.