Famous Pitta Attacks


Our goal with this page is to  show some fun examples of how a Pitta imbalance may effect you.  Learning to recognize dosha imbalances in ourself and in others can make us more compassionate, but also provides us with an opportunity to restore balance.

Currently we have only two examples from You Tube, but we would like to encourage you to start posting your favorite clips via the Facebook plug-in at the bottom of this page!  Just make sure you are logged into Facebook, and then paste a link to the video and if necessary your explanation.  We LOVE to hear from our users, and interacting together on this page will be so much fun!! 

Dr. Buddy Ridell (played by Jack Nicholson) is an anger management specialist, who is helping Dave Bruznik (played by Adam Sandler) to help manage his anger. But as the movie unfolds, you have to wonder; who has bigger anger management issues. Find out be watching the clip below, and see how quickly Dr. Buddy can get Pitta pissed over poorly cooked eggs!


Mommie, dearest – for some people, this is a horror story about one of Hollywood’s grandest of dame’s, Joan Crawford (playes by Faye Dunaway) who truly had a dark side. This clip shows Joan discovering wire coat hangers in her daughter Christina’s (played by Diana Scarwid) and proceeds to have one of the most famous Pitta meltdowns on the silver screen. Perhaps have your should have your dry cleaner box your shirts next time!