How Diet, Probiotics, and Friendly Bacteria
Can Help Your Body and Mind

Very important topic. Needs to go viral. —WT

Whether one has good health or otherwise, everyone should hear this knowledge to protect/improve their health. —DW


Wonderful course! I told all my friends they should take it. I love the detailed facts and wish there was more time for more. —SW

Keith is a wonderful, clear speaker who excels at explaining about the gut in simple, layperson’s language. —SC

The importance of the biome is very clear now. I enjoyed the detail of how the gut works, as well as how to let it heal. —CK

A gentle, profound education experience. Very helpful. —DL

A wonderful course filled with intellectual knowledge and good commonsense. —DE

I think this course saved my life, mainly by dissolving three major bad eating habits: sugar, gluten and potato chips, my big downfall. But more importantly, it has brought about a more and more continual experience of happiness —SF

The best thing about the course was the diet we followed. The explanations that we received were, of course, timely and well-researched. —JR